EX #11 Walk The Plank Zip Line Excursion

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Zip Line, Safari & Culture Tour

Fly 350 feet above the valley as you WALK THE PLANK off of the Pirate Ship at the top of the mountain. Look for our green Tour Samana With Terry signs at the dock!

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Tour duration: 3-4 hours

Tour begins: 1 hour after first tender arrives at the pier

Tour ends: At the dock at least 30 min before the last tender of the day.

We have special access to the highly acclaimed Walk the Plank Zip Line of Samana.

Fly 350 feet above the valley as you WALK THE PLANK off of the Pirate Ship at the top of the mountain. The first run is over 1000 feet long. The first of 12 total lines. (The competition only has 10)

We use only the highest quality equipment on the 3 cable Zip Line system. Rated for up to 26,000 pounds you can enjoy the Zip Line even as a double ride with our instructors if you are nervous. We have not just one but 3 cable to ensure your safety. You are fastened in with a double harness that has two cams that run along 2 of the cables overhead. Our integrated braking system allows you to concentrate on having fun. You don’t have to reach up with your hand and grab the cable to slow yourself down on each of the lines. On zip lines where you have to wear a glove and control the braking, you can have premature braking accidents that leave you suspended in the middle of the zip line or worse, you can brake late and hit the pole at the end. NOT WITH OUR INTEGRATED BRAKE SYSTEM! You just kick back and relax while you enjoy the panorama zipping by below your feet. Or your head, if you want to go upside-down!

-No age limits
-Participants must weight at least 45 lbs.
-No weight maximum but the harnesses must fit your body. (size 54 waist max.)
-You can Zip double, with kids or with your someone special
-Note: There is a 100 yard walk up a steep gravel hill to get to the first platform.


Wear normal clothes.
Most wear shorts and shoes.
Please don’t wear flip flops.

Bring Small bills for Tipping and Shopping

Tipping Opportunities to keep in mind:
There are various Zip Line guides depending on size of the group. You can give the tip to one of them at the end of the tour and they’ll split it up.

There are local kids that will walk along with the various groups on the trail to help anyone who needs a hand. I recommend to people that they bring dollar bills for tipping, IF, you need help in a few spots. The kids are very helpful and kind. Please don’t be upset with them, they are just trying to make a few dollars working with people who come to their backyard to see beautiful sights and they are actually providing a service that some really need. They are not begging for money which you find often in tourist areas.

Also keep in mind that they are in NO WAY affiliated with Tour Samana With Terry.


We offer the Zip Line+ATV/Quad option for those who would like a little bit of extra adventure. #3A ATV+Zip Line
Or try the #6 Horseback+Zip Line

We never cancel our tours as long as we have 2 people going. To help us maintain a minimum participant level
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Pure hands free fun.  Be LEGENDARY.