#5 Cultural Highlights Tour

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Enjoy Culture, Beach & Waterfalls in El Valle Area

This tour is designed for those looking to see a little bit of everything including culture with low impact activities. (no horses and with minimal walking)

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Enjoy awesome panoramic views from over 1,000 feet (300 meters) above the bay, tour a typical Dominican home and see the different fruits and nuts that grow here in the tropics. From there we go to a small country town with a local co-op where you can buy locally produced goods. A hand rolled cigar factory is optional. On your tour we hit the El Valle beach and for lunch (fresh fish and chicken, with a typical Dominican buffet) on the beach. Stop for a quick swim in the Lulu Waterfalls while Zip Liners fly over your head in a serene Eco-tour setting.

Note about the beach:
The beach that you would visit is semi secluded. It is about a kilometer long but the problem is that the ocean can be a little rough at times, especially in the winter. The view from the beach is out of this world and most people don’t care if they can’t swim because the view of the mountains diving into the ocean is just so awesome. (swimming is prohibited at the El Valle beach) There aren’t any lounge chairs at this beach yet but there are plenty of chairs available at the restaurant that we will eat at (you don’t know where the beach ends and the restaurant starts). There is no snorkeling to speak of here either. The waterfalls that we visit on the tour however is a great place to swim and you can climb up and jump off of the falls into the pool below.

Why Low Impact:
All sites on the itinerary are easily accessible and within a few feet of the tour vehicle but the waterfalls is a 10 min walk through the forest, although the trail is fairly easy.

Tipping Opportunities to keep in mind:
The local kids will walk along with us on the trail to help anyone who needs a hand. At one point we will walk over 5-8 sand bags to cross the river. I recommend to people that they bring dollar bills for tipping, IF, you need help in a few spots. The kids are very helpful and kind. Please don’t be upset with them, they are just trying to make a few dollars working with people who come to their backyard to see beautiful sights and they are actually providing a service that some really need. They are not begging for money which you find often in tourist areas.

You may want to bring a few dollars extra:
We will also have a culture presentation where you can sample local fruits, local moonshine and local produce including some locally grown and processed HOT CHOCOLATE! The best you have ever tried in your entire life! It’s like tapping a Chocolate tree! You will have an opportunity to purchase small locally made items as there is a community co-op/gift shop here. (No pressure whatsoever though. I’m just letting people know about it because we often get folks lamenting that they didn’t know to bring a little spending cash and they missed out on buying pure chocolate/Cocoa from the local farmers.)

On this tour we provide: Beer, Various Soft Drinks, Water and maybe even some Rum!

Please Note:
You will spend at least 1 hour 25 min total driving time throughout the countryside. Some roads may be rough over the last 30 minutes of road.