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Whales with Kim Beddall Tour from Miches - Club Med
From $173.99

From Miches Area & Club Med: Enjoy a whale tour with legendary Kim Beddall of Whale Samana!

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EX #1 EL Limon Waterfalls on Horseback or Hike Cruise Ship Excursion
From $45

Awesome opportunity to swim into a cave behind the falls.

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EX #1 EL Limon Waterfalls on Horseback or Hike Cruise Ship Excursion
EX #11 Walk The Plank Zip Line Excursion
From $95

Fly 350 feet above the Valley as you WALK THE PLANK off of the Pirate Ship at the top of the mountain.

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EX #11 Walk The Plank Zip Line Excursion
#13 Private Booze Cruise & Snorkel Tour - Party Barge

Enjoy a Private Motor Cat & Snorkel Tour Booze Cruise

#13 Private Booze Cruise & Snorkel Tour – Party Barge
#6 El Valle Culture, Beach & River Crossings on Horseback
From $30

If you want to see the real Dominican Republic without a line of other tourists around this is your tour.

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#6 El Valle Culture, Beach & River Crossings on Horseback
#5 Cultural Highlights Tour
From $25

This tour is designed for those looking to see a little bit of everything including culture with low impact activities.

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#5 Cultural Highlights Tour

Our Happy Customers

Fun tour learning about humpback whales!

Great day out with Kim and the crew. It was a calm day so no one experienced sea sickness, but they gave us sea brackets just in case. It was unfortunate for me that when we stopped to look at the whales, the boat rocked a bit and I fell to the ground so be warned to stay seated until the boat is still. All in all, it was an amazing experience and the tour is extremely is well organized. Highly recommend.

Wonderful Review of Samana Zipline, ATV, Beach & culture (Port of Call tour)

In any service related business, the soft product/experience is likely the differentiator. Hiring the right people to represent your brand makes the world of difference and Samana with Terry got it right! From our zipline team members (Ariel, Franci and Concho) to our ATV/culture guide Rubio, all made our experience unforgettable.

My wife and I have ziplined multiple times before however, this was one of our most memorable excursions. We always felt safe, equipment was in good condition and we liked the unique breaking system. Ariel and Concho helped take incredible and unforgettable videos/photos with our own mobile devices. They were willing to help us push our comfort zone (no hands, upside down) which added to our special day. Amazing and thank-you!

Really enjoyed learning about the DR, its culture and how they live off the land and have a strong sense of community. Rubio (aka Benjamin Franklin?) ensure he took to time to stop, point out things of interest and let us smell/taste many different things. Homemade lunch at the beach was the icing on the cake.

The ATV experience was amazing. It allowed us to see the countryside, waterfall, beach, dirt/paved roads. We covered a lot of ground over the 6+ hours we spent on our tour. Rubio made sure we had enough variety to keep everyone happy and a little wet/muddy if we really wanted to.

The information we received prior to our cruise ship arriving was very clear. We had no problem finding them. We were back at the tender for our ship with lots of time to spare.

Great tour to gorgeous beaches by speedboat

to various gorgeous beaches with Terry before we left. Communication with Terry was excellent. Due to weather predictions with rough seas he contacted us quite in time, asking if we wanted to change the tour to another date when the weather would be better. Sure! So a couple of days later than originally planned we did the tour. The staff accompanying us was great and the locations were absolutely gorgeous! We had plenty of time discovering everything and to relax as well. The lobster lunch was great. If you don’t eat seafood, they serve other yummy food. We didn’t feel uncomfortable at the boat at all and enjoyed everything to the max. We’d definitely recommend this tour if you like to discover hidden unspoilt beaches and gorgeous views from the seaside.

Michael F.
Great tour! Professional and well done

We had arrived at Las Terrenas the night before. We had the private tour booked for the Los Haitises Park. Benjamin Franklin picked us up at our Las Terrenas hotel at 8am sharp the next day. Benjamin is a friendly, very informative and great guide! The boat trip across Semana bay is spectacular. The caves are very well worth it.

Because we were on the private tour, instead of Levantado Island, we went to the Eco Lodge. It's a bit of a walk, but it was a wonderful surprise. Lunch was great!

The trip back was bit rough, but that was fine.

Before booking, I had a lot of questions, and Terry was great in email. I would advise taking the private tour. It was great being on our own in the many caves with Benjamin there to inform us and answer questions, and keep us moving along.

All in all, Tour Semana with Terry was a great and very professional and friendly experience. Highly recommended!!

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