Shore Excursion Cultural Highlights of Samana Low Impact - EX #5

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EX #5 Cultural Highlights of Samana: Culture, Mountains & Beach
This tour is designed for those looking to see a little bit of everything including culture with low impact activities.

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Tour duration: 4-5 hours.

Tour begins: 1 Hour after the first tender arrives at the pier.

Tour ends: At least 30 min before the last tender of the day.

This tour is designed for those looking to see a little bit of everything including culture with low impact activities. (no horses and with minimal walking)

Itinerary includes:
Panoramic views from 1,000 feet (300 meters) above the bay. Visit a typical village co-op and quaint gift shop where you can buy local handmade goods including a local moonshine. Taste test chocolate and coffee from the trees around their homes! While we’re there we’ll show you the different fruits and nuts that grow here in the tropics including, bread fruit, chocolate, coffee, sugar cane, cinnamon and numerous beautiful flowers.
Pass though a very small country town and see a hand rolled cigar factory. Then we would hit the El Valle beach for some pictures.

Why Low Impact:
All sites on the itinerary are easily accessible and the truck usually is only a few feet away at all sites.
Tipping Opportunities to keep in mind:

You may want to bring a few dollars extra:
We will also have a culture presentation where you can sample local fruits, local moonshine and local produce including some locally grown and processed HOT CHOCOLATE! The best you have ever tried in your entire life! It’s like tapping a Chocolate tree! You will have an opportunity to purchase small locally made items as there is a community co-op/gift shop here. (No pressure whatsoever though. I’m just letting people know about it because we often get folks lamenting that they didn’t know to bring a little spending cash and they missed out on buying pure chocolate/Cocoa from the local farmers.)

Please Note:
You will spend at least 1 hour 15 min total driving time throughout the countryside. (Most of our roads on this route have been repaved by now but the last part of the road out to the beach is a dirt road.)

You will have all that you can drink: Various soft drinks and water. Maybe even some rum!


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