#6 El Valle Culture, Beach & River Crossings on Horseback

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If you want to see the real Dominican Republic without a line of other tourists around this is your tour.

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My friend Domingo and I have created our own horseback riding excursion in the El Valle area. On this tour you will step back in time to a simpler way of life.  During this tour you will meet locals who are gracious for your presence in their home country.  They welcome you into their backyard to enjoy the views and learn their way of life.

This excursion will include the following:
• A vehicle will take us to where all the horses are kept.
• Once we are on horseback we will ride out into the country traveling by local farms to a small general store in the middle of the countryside.
• There you will try some fresh picked local fruits.
• View locally grown coffee the old fashioned way.
• From there you will backtrack a little and make various river crossings like a cowboy in the old western movies. If the conditions permit you will even ride down the middle of the river for a mile or so.
• The end of the ride will end us at El Valle beach for photos and some beach riding.
There we will have a typical Dominican buffet on the beach while you enjoy the fresh air with the sand between your toes.
• There is no snorkeling at this beach and swimming is prohibited at the El Valle beach.
• (Drought Conditions have dried up our Waterfalls) Once we finish at El Valle, a vehicle will take us to the entrance to the waterfall Cascada Lulu for some swim time. The waterfalls are a great place to swim and you can climb up and jump off of the falls into the pool below. The local kids will walk along with us on the waterfalls trail to help anyone who needs a hand. At one point we will walk over sand bags to cross the river. I recommend all on the tour bring dollar bills for tipping if you need help in a few spots. The kids are very helpful and kind. Please don’t be upset with them, they are just trying to make a few dollars working with people who come to their backyard to see beautiful sights.

This tour is not recommended for wheelchair guests, those with mobility concerns, recent back or neck injuries, people with heart problems or pregnant women. Flat shoes with a non-slip sole and closed toes are recommended or a hiking sandal – no flip flops. Light, comfortable clothing, cap, sunglasses and sun screen are recommended. Weight limit for horseback ride is 250 pounds.

You will have all that you can drink: Beer, Soft Drinks and water.